Garage Fan – How It Works

Window Sticker July 2014 300x127 Garage Fan   How It Works


By pulling outside air in through vents installed in your garage and sending this air into the attic forcing the super-heated attic air out through the existing attic vents, this system will cool your garage up to 20 degrees and your attic up to 50 degrees all while saving money on the cost to run your Air Conditioner.


  • Removes Condensation in Attic and Garage
  • Prevents Premature Aging of Roof Products
  • Equivalent to adding R-60 Insulation to Attic
  • Reduces AC Operating Costs
  • Increases the Life of your AC Unit
  • Includes Fire Rated and Listed Components
  • Ten Year Warranty (Motor 2 yr)
  • Thermostat Controlled
  • Made in USA